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Process Management in a 2.0 environment

eHealth 360° platform image

Our mission is to improve the quality of patient care and the efficiency of the healthcare system by providing information and management systems that integrate insurers, doctors, clinics and patients.



Optimize processes and information management within the health sector.


Transforms an offline business into a 2.0 one, adding value to the patient.


Insurers, clinics and patients in a secure and transparent context.


SaludOnNet patient

Doctor search engine.

Depending on different criteria: location, availability, quality of care, etc.

Online appointment in real time.

Anywhere, anytime.

Multichannel access.

Available in computers, smartphones and tablets.

Appointment review & rating.

After every appointment patients can rate it to help other users like them.

Personal health record.

Upgrade your health data and access your medical history.

SaludOnNet clinic


24/7 round-the-clock service.

Access ratings.

The clinic will have access to all their doctor´s evaluations.

Electronic medical record.

Forget about writing down and enjoy a fast and comfortable system in the cloud.

Relation with insurers.

All service requests with insurers pass through our application.

Document management.

The clinic gets all the digital documentation of their medical team.

Economic management.

Automatic management fees with entities, and also optional reverse charge with doctors.

Business Intelligence.

Exploit real time business information (Big Data).

SaludOnNet insurer

Management of medical staff.

Assignation of keys and scales. Medical care quality controls.

Online appointment in real time.

Policyholders can schedule online appointments. Anywhere, anytime.

Defining new coverage.

Create custom insurance products. In a moment.

Electronic authorizations.

Incorporates conPay, our authorization and electronic invoicing system.

Full knowledge.

Real time accident and medical expenses knowledge.


Trace the entire process: appointment, approval, delivery and billing.

Referring patients.

Depending on business criteria: cost, quality of care, proximity, availability, etc.

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